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COCKTAILS : A specific data base to create and manage drinks. This is a shareware product, but the only limitation is to handle 50 cocktails with 140 ingredients.
The registered program can manage your personal bar up to 400 ingredients and 800 cocktails. Now a Big version exists and can manage until 2500 cocktails.
For more information download it and read the English Amigaguide documentation.

You could choose and create marvelous cocktails easily with stuff present in your bar. You want a base lemon cocktail ? Let's go, click on "select base" next on "lemon" and each known cocktails with lemon inside will be shown !
Nothing more to say try it. :-)

Cocktails was compute in AMOS 1.36 © François Lionet.
Request configuration is : O.S. 1.3 -> 3.0+, with at lest 1 Mo and a hard disk is strongly recommended. Try it ...
Don't works on Gfx system based due to AMOS. :-/
For the Big version, you need at lest 3 Mo (4 Mo recommended with 1 Mo Chip)

Bonnes dégustations...

    Cocktails 1       Cocktails 2

This is also a preview, Load program to see actual quality.

Version history versions.

Load English version of Cocktails (v 1.25). (Lha) [env 189 Ko / Share] Eng

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Version history of COCKTAILS.

*  Version 1.26 and 1.26B of 27-august-99.

    - Some bugs removed.

*  Version 1.25 and 1.25B of 14-Mar-98.

    - Add an English amigaguide documentation.
    - 'Procedures' optimisation.
    - Add some ASM code, gives 2 at 8 times faster in certain routines!
    - No more automatics cocktails files created if not exists.
      Only ingredients files are create. (83 ing)

*  Version 1.24B of 09-Feb-98.

    - 'Big' version up to 500 ingredients and 2500 cocktails.

*  Version 1.24 of 19-Nov-96.

    - Bug : Named print were wrong when selected in other list as all
      cocktails. (Printer use).
    - Waiting time between press down, release button and execution is
      less longer.
    - picked out a test subroutine. Should be appear uggle sometimes.

*  Version 1.23 of 19-May-96.

    - Add a key file for registered people. They can now obtain update
      in public release.
    - Add little disk error handle : Write protected, out of free space...
    - 'Bug' : Loaded or saved action in other directory removed.
    - Toutes les pages peuvent maintenant défiler via les flêches de di-
      rection. Composition également.

*  Version 1.22 of 31-Mar-96.   (Update not needed)

    - Little improuvment in recipe display and add shorcuts.
    - Bug on list print removed.
    - New print recipe.

*  Version 1.21 of 05/02/96.   (Update not needed)
*  Version 1.20 of 06/01/96.   See French doc if request ;-)
*  Version 1.12 of 27/12/95.
*  Version 1.11 of 01/12/95.
*  Version 1.1 of 15/11/95.

*  Version 1.0 of 12/11/95.

    - First public release.

*  Version 0.99 of 05/11/95. Internal release (beta)

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